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Clark Code of Conduct Report Released

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Code of Conduct report released and it’s heavily redacted.

Clark Code of Conduct Report Released
March 26, 2024

**Medicine Hat - **The **investigation report **referenced during the March 21 Special Meeting of Medicine Hat City Council is now available to the public.

It is heavily redacted for privacy reasons and some elements are clear and others are not. It was clear that Mayor Clark delayed the process of responding beyond what was deemed reasonable by the investigator. She believed that she was following procedures when questioning why certain steps were not taken regarding reorganization of city operations.

While much of the decision and content is redacted the investigator is clear in pointing out that the CAO is accountable to council as a whole and not one single councillor or Mayor. That in essence was the breach, the public interrogation by one member of council, Mayor Clark. That complaint was found to substantiated by the investigator.

It will be hard for the public to reconcile the punishment with the breach as the public is not privy to details in the report that council would be privy to. Again, they were unanimous in their decision and that should be respected.

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