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Medicine Hat Confidential

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Let’s dig into the Medicine Hat underground and unearth and expose what’s really going on.

July 28, 2023

Well, here we go on my first edition. For those who don’t know me, I am a retired Edmonton Police Service detective who moved to the Hat in late 1999, where my wife and I established Power Loney Paralegal, a business that has and for over twenty years now has tried to provide services and assistance to the public, traditionally provided by lawyers, but only done as lawfully allowed.

Over the years I know full well, that on many occasions I have ruffled a few feathers and have challenged the establishment, and even annoyed many others. Sorry, that’s my nature, and I will not apologize.

I also don’t really like seeing the little guy abused or walked over by certain people in power, or especially by government bureaucracies.

One thing I almost immediately recognized upon moving to the Hat was that this city operates considerably different than cities such as Calgary or Edmonton that I was used to. In short, after due experience and information, I believe there’s a lot of crap that goes on in this city that many don’t want to talk about, although many know what’s really going on.

And, for whatever reason(s) I have also been shocked to hear about many local stories I knew about and thought were of extreme importance to the public being buried, and which I knew would otherwise be front page news elsewhere.

So, to me, what’s up there, and to me, those days should end, especially as I understand it’s the historical duty of the press to be upfront and report and reveal facts and the truth to the public, and do so without fear or favour, or the loss if advertising revenue, and if that’s not been happening, I say we have a problem.

So, let’s see what we can do together. Let’s dig into the Medicine Hat underground and unearth and expose what’s really going on. To me, Sun City Sentinel is a new outlet that can provide us with the facts and information we should have access to.

I know there are many out there that have seen, heard and know things they are concerned about, and which they would like exposed, but feel there is no outlet for them to be heard, and also believe no one will listen to them. Well, maybe now we have an outlet to do so!

At this time, one of my primary concerns is the state of our inner city. Where my office is located downtown on Second Street, I must say it appears our downtown is going down the toilet, and I don’t just say that be observing the excrement in the alley behind my office, or by watching more than one person openly defecate into plastic bags in nearby BATUS park when I am walking to my office or my nearby bank.

I can say that where the city has done a fantastic job landscaping our BATUS park, there is no way I want to go there and sit and have lunch, or visit that park with my family or friends, so they may witness mental health challenged individuals yelling into the air, druggies shooting up, various groups of homeless types using the park as a bicycle parts recycling workshop (of course not suggesting these are stolen bikes), or by them using the back end of that park as their own personal washroom.

This major concern I have directly relates to the drug and mental health and addiction issues that plague this city and others. Has anybody really studied the local obits lately? Are you locals really aware of how many dead overdose victims have been found in our parks or back allies?

To me, this situation is out of control, so what really is being done about it, other than talk, or promises of studies?

Also, has anyone been reviewing the reports on cities such as the once beautiful city of San Francisco that is shutting down, where tourism there is almost done, businesses there are closing and things are getting worse with tent cities set up by the homeless, mental health challenged and drug addicts, along with open crime and ongoing violence or threats of violence and intimidation to the public.

Do we want that here?

Have you noticed our downtown businesses that have closed or have moved away (Quality Engraving & King of Trade (leaving soon) to name a few) from the downtown? Have you seen the signs noting vacant offices for rent, or the boarded up windows of various downtown businesses where the windows have been smashed out?

I don’t mind giving people a hand up, but I have real concerns about just giving folks a hand out. I believe we have lots to chat about, and where I really want to stay positive, we have to stay real and look or push for proper solutions. Can our politicians and local police service be doing better? In my mind, you betcha, but we (the community) have to be involved. We just can’t sit back and bitch!

I believe I can help get the word out, if you help me. So I am asking for concerned Hatters to contact me with information and tips I can follow up on, so together we can reach into the shadows of the Medicine Hat underground and get the truth out. You can contact me `confidentially’ or otherwise, if you wish at

So, if you want politically correct, you ain’t going to get it here. As I have always done, I will tell you what is and nothing else.

Let me know your thoughts and concerns, tell me about your experience(s). I really want to know your thoughts, especially with the 2023 Medicine Hat Stampede and other issues. I want to know, I want to help. Contact me, and remember;

You heard it here first!

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