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Neighbors Stand Together: Medicine Hat's Battle for Neighborhood Integrity

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In the heart of Medicine Hat, one neighborhood is standing up against big changes. Dive into their story and see how they're fighting to keep their neighborhood special.

Neighbors Stand Together: Medicine Hat's Battle for Neighborhood Integrity
April 2, 2024

A David vs. Goliath Battle in Medicine Hat

In a peaceful part of Medicine Hat, Alberta, a big problem is stirring. A company from another province wants to build two tall apartment buildings where houses were supposed to go. Many Harlow residents are upset and worried about what it will mean for their homes and way of life.

What's Got People Worried?

Privacy and Quality of Life at Risk
For one family, this issue hits close to home—literally. Their backyard is where friends and family come together, especially in the summer. But with the new buildings, dozens of balconies would look right into their private space. The thought of losing their little oasis is heartbreaking.
Zoning and Environmental Oversights
The project has raised significant questions about zoning practices and environmental considerations. Residents are worried about flooding because the current drainage system is already overloaded. The buildings will block sunlight to the neighbours' gardens. And there's the very real fear that everyone's homes will lose value. Some estimates suggest about $80,000 each.
Traffic and Safety Concerns
The nearby Trans-Canada Highway entries would become an even bigger headache. Increased traffic increases risks to pedestrian safety at a nearby already-controversial playground zone.

Infill Concerns Clash with City Guidelines

Resident concerns highlight mismatches with the city's own guidelines for residential infill, including:

  • Be respectful of the design of existing developments
  • Maintain the privacy of new residents and existing neighbours
  • Sensitively increase the number of residents
  • Use good overall urban design practices
    The proposed apartment buildings seem to disregard these principles. They focus on maximizing occupancy. They don't consider the existing community's design, privacy, or population density.

    Calling for Support

    Over 180 community members opposed the project on the city's website. And the city still approved it. Now, the neighborhood has only 15 days to challenge this decision. They're hoping that by coming together, they can make a difference.
    They're planning a protest on Wednesday night (April 3rd) at 6:00 pm at 1064 1 ST SW to draw attention to their cause. The local news will be there, too, to share their story with more people.

    Stand Up and Be Heard

    This fight is about more than just a building. It's about people wanting to protect what makes their neighborhood a great place to live. If you live in Medicine Hat and love your community, come out and help. By joining together, we can show that our voices matter.

If you want to keep up with what's happening and help out, stay tuned. Every person who joins makes us stronger. Let's show that we care about our homes and our neighborhood.

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